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Department of Commerce

Semester Results

B.Com 8th Semester 2017-21 [12/07/2021]
M.Com 1.5 1st Semester 2020-22 [22/06/2021]
BCom 1st Session 2020-24 [29/05/2021]
MCom 3rd session 2019-23
M.Com 5th session 2018-22
BCom 3rd Session 2019-23
B.Com 5th session 2018-22
B.Com 7th session 2017-21
M.Com 4th session 2018-22
B.Com 4th session 2018-22
BCom 2nd Session 2019-23
BCom 6th session 2017-21
MCom 2nd session 2019-23

Repeat Course Results

BCom 5th
BCom 3rd
BCom 1st
MCom 3rd
BCom 7th
BCom 4th
BCom 2nd
BCom 6th
BCom 1st
BCom 3rd
BCom 5th
Online Exam Results Problem Form
Note: Fill form for each subject separately till Friday May 20, 2021 after that no query will be accommodated (3rd semester Bcom& 5th both Bcom and Mcom Semester).