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Department of Business Administration

Semester Results

BBA 2nd session 2022-26
M.Phil Business 2nd Semester Session 2022
BBA 3rd session 2021-25
BBA 6th session 2020-24
MBA 1st session 2022-24
BBA 1st session 2022-26
BBA 8th session 2019-23
M.Phil Business 2022
BBA 7th session 2019-23
BBA 5th session 2020-24
M.Phil Business Admin 2nd session 2021-23
BBA 2nd session 2021-25
BBA 4th session 2020-24
BBA 6th session 2019-23
BBA 1st session 2021-25
BBA 8th session 2018-22
BBA 7th session 2018-22
BBA 3rd session 2020-24
BBA 5th session 2019-23
MBA 2nd session 2020-22
MBA 3rd session 2019-21
BBA 2nd session 2020-24
BBA 4th session 2019-23
BBA 6th session 2018-22
BBA 8th session 2017-21
MBA 1st session 2020-22
BBA 1st session 2020-24
BBA 3rd session 2019-23
BBA 5th session 2018-22
BBA 7th session 2017-21
MBA 3rd session 2018-20
BBA 4th session 2018-22
MBA 2nd session 2019-21
BBA 2nd Session 2019-23
BBA 6th session 2017-21

Repeat Course Results

BBA 5th
BBA 3rd
BBA 1st
BBA 7th
BBA 4th
BBA 2nd
BBA 6th
BBA 1st
BBA 3rd
BBA 5th
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