University of the Punjab Gujranwala Campus

Examination Department

Degree Notification Forms

Instructions to Fill and Submit Degree Notification Form:

  1. Download form relating to you and print it (see form in table given below)
  2. Get Registration Card from your Department
  3. Check if Spellings of Your Name, Father's Name, and CNIC number of both is correct
  4. If any thing is incorrect ask your Department to get it corrected (submit Degree notification form after correction otherwise your all academic record will contain the wrong info which will be problematic).
  5. Attach Following Documents:
    1. Copy of Registration Card
    2. Two Passport size photographs (Paste one on form's front, attach other by writing Roll and Name on back side of photograph. Do not affix stapler on your Face as this pic will be used on your Transcript)
    3. Copy of Matriculation Certificate
    4. Copy of Intermediate Certificate
    5. Copy of Bachelor Degree/Marks sheet (If you are currently student of any Master Program)
    6. Copy of Student's CNIC​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Click below to download your degree notification form

BBA LLB BCom (Hons)
MA English BBA B & F