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Scheme of Studies BBA (Hons)
New Scheme
Code Title Credit Hr Code Title Credit Hr
First Semester   Second Semester  
BBA 101 Arabic-I   BBA 107 Arabic-II  
BBA 102 Business Mathematics   BBA 108 Introduction to Human Resource Management  
BBA 103 Freshman English-I   BBA 109 Financial Accounting-I  
BBA 104 Contemporary World   BBA 110 Freshman English-II  
BBA 105 Introduction to Computer Concepts and Application   BBA 111 Introduction to Management  
BBA 106 Islamic Studies   BBA 112 Microeconomics  
Third Semester   Fourth Semester  
BBA 201 Financial Accounting-II   BBA 207 Business Communication  
BBA 202 Business Statistics   BBA 208 Financial Management-I  
BBA 203 Macroeconomics   BBA 209 Cost Accounting-I  
BBA 204 Oral Communication   BBA 210 Money and Banking  
BBA 205 Sociology   BBA 211 Marketing Management  
BBA 206 Principles of Marketing   BBA 212 Human Rights and Fundamental Rights  
Fifth Semester   Sixth Semeter  
BBA 301 Business Law   BBA 305 Business Ethics  
BBA 302 Cost Accounting-II   BBA 306 Business Statistics-II  
BBA 303 Human Psychology   BBA 307 Taxation Management-I  
BBA 304 Pakistan Studies   BBA 308 Organizational Behaviour  
Seventh Semester   Eighth Semester  
BBA 401 Business Research & Report Writing   BBA 405 Operations Management  
BBA 402 Strategic Management-I   BBA 406 Management Information Systems  
BBA 403 Data Base Management System (DBMS)   BBA 407 Logic  
BBA 404 Project/Two Elective Courses (Entrepreneurship)   BBA 408 Project/Two Elective (International Business Management)  
Finance Specialization   Marketing Specilization  
BBA 421 Financial Reporting and Analysis   BBA 431 Consumer Behavior  
BBA 422 Managerial Accounting   BBA 432 Advertising  
BBA 423 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management   BBA 433 Sales Management  
BBA 424 Financial Management-II   BBA 434 Marketing Research  
Human Resounce Management Specialization        
BBA 441 Strategic Human Resource Management        
BBA 442 Human Resource Development        
BBA 443 Organizational Development        
BBA 444 Labour Law in Pakistan        
Old Scheme
Code Course Title Credit Hr Code Course Title Credit Hr
BBA-102 Business Mathematics 3 BBA-108 Introduction to Human Resource Management 3
BBA-103 Freshman English-I 3 BBA-109 Financial Accounting-I 3
BBA-104 Contemporary World 3 BBA-110 Freshman English-II 3
BBA-105 Introduction to Computer Concepts and Applications 3 BBA-114 Business Statistics 3
BBA-106 Islamic studies 3 BBA-118 Principles of Marketing 3
BBA-111 Introduction to Management 3 BBA-122 Banking and Money 3
BBA-101 Arabic-I 3 BBA-107 Arabic-II  3
BBA-112 Micro Economics 3 BBA-115 Macro Economics 3
BBA-113 Financial Accounting-II 3 BBA-119 Business Communication 3
BBA-116 Oral Communication 3 BBA-120 Financial Management-I 3
BBA-123 Marketing Management 3 BBA-121 Cost Accounting-I 3
BBA-131 Taxation Management-I 3 BBA-125 Business Law 3
BBA-127 Human Psychology 3 BBA-124 Human Rights and Fundamantal Rights 3
BBA-132 Organizational Behavior 3 BBA-129 Business Ethics 3
BBA-126 Cost Accounting -II 3 BBA-130 Business Statistics-II 3
BBA-128 Pakistan Studies 3 BBA-134 Strategic Management 3
  Specialization I     Specialization II  
BBA-117 Sociology 3 BBA-137 Operations Management 3
BBA-133 Business Research and Report Writing 3 BBA-138 Management Information Systems 3
BBA-135 Data Base Management Systems 3 BBA-139 Logic 3
BBA-136 Entrepreneurship 3 BBA-140 International Business Management 3
  Specialization III     Specialization IV  
BBA-171 Strategic Human Resource Management 3 BBA-172 Human Resource Development 3
BBA-173 Organizational Development 3 BBA-174 Labour Laws in Pakistan 3
BBA-151 Financial Reporting and Analysis 3 BBA-152 Managerial Accounting 3
BBA-153 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management 3 BBA-154 Financial Management -II 3
BBA-161 Consumer Behavior 3 BBA-162 Advertising 3
BBA-163 Sales Management 3 BBA-164 Marketing Research 3