University of the Punjab
Gujranwala Campus
5th Convocation
M.Sc. IT Session 2014-16 and 2015-17
Date & Time
Rehearsal: Tuesday, March 15th, 2022. Reporting Time 09:00 a.m.
Convocatoin: Wednesday, March 16th, 2022. Reporting Time 09:30 a.m. 
NOTE: The Following students have registered for the 5th Convocation and are eligible to attend the Convocation. Participation in rehearsal is mandatory to attend the Convocation. Pass to attend Convocation can be obtained on rehearsal day. The Robes, Caps, and Hoods can be obtained from Stall available at Gujranwala Campus.
Sr Roll No. Name Father Name Gender
1 MT14001 Faiqa Latif Abdul Latif Female
2 MT14002 Ujala Arif Dar Muhammad Arif Dar Female
3 MT14004 Saima Azam Muhammad Azam Female
4 MT14005 Iqra Farooq Muhammad Farooq Female
5 MT14006 Rabia Tahir Muhammad Tahir ul Islam Female
6 MT14007 Ammara Anwar Muhammad Anwar Female
7 MT14008 Ifra Tariq Tariq Mehmood Female
8 MT14009 Sana Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf Female
9 MT14010 Sidra Hafeez Muhammad Hafeez Female
10 MT14011 Arham Ijaz Ijaz Khan Female
11 MT14012 Rabia Abid Muhammad Abid Female
12 MT14014 Sehar Amjad Muhammad Amjad Female
13 MT14015 Sundas Maqsood Muhammad Maqsood Ahmed Female
14 MT14016 Kalsoom Sana ullah Female
15 MT14017 Zunariah Asif Muhammad Asif Female
16 MT14019 Laraib Amir Amir Hussain Female
17 MT14020 Fareeha  Muhammad Yousaf Female
18 MT14021 Rabia Tariq M. Tariq Javeed Female
19 MT14022 Umm e Rubab Javeed Iqbal Female
20 MT14023 Tayyiba Khawaja Khawaja Sohail Anjum Female
21 MT14024 Babra Waris Muhammad Waris Female
22 MT14025 Saira Sarfraz Sarfraz Ahmed Female
23 MT14026 Lubna Anwar Muhammad Anwar Chaudhary Female
24 MT14027 Farah Mobeen Muhammad Arif Female
25 MT14028 Adnan Babar Muhammad Bashir Male
26 MT14030 Sadia Abbas Muhammad Abbas Female
27 MT14031 Fatima Mansoor Zaighum Mansoor Female
28 MT14032 Iqra Jameel Muhammad Jameel Female
29 MT14033 Mishal Shoukat Shoukat Ali Female
30 MT14034 Anam Hanif Muhammad  Hanif Female
31 MT14035 Momna Rani M. Khalid Female
32 MT14038 Muhammad Hashim Nayyer Nayyar Iqbal Male
33 MT14039 Hira Farooq Meer Muhammad Farooq Meer Female
34 MT14040 Shumaila Idrees Muhammad Idrees Female
35 MT14043 Mubbara Azad Muhammad Azad Female
36 MT14044 Mishal Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf Female
37 MT14045 Asma Sarwar Muhammad Sarwar Mughal Female
38 MT14046 Rabia Jamil Muhammad Jamil Female
39 MT14048 Mahrukh Zahra Abdul Rauf Female
40 MT14050 Hina Ehsan Ehsan Ullah Female
41 MT14051 Zahir Ali Shammor Ahmad Male
42 MT14053 Shahida Naseem Ghulam Qadir Female
43 MT14103 Iqra Abbas Muhammad Abbas Female
44 MT14104 Hafsa Yousaf Muhammad Yousaf Female
45 MT14105 Sadia Meraj Meraj Din Female
46 MT14106 Amina Munir Munir Ahmad Female
47 MT14108 Amir Ali Akber Ali Male
48 MT14109 Huma Javed Javed Ahmed Female
49 MT14110 Hina Shahzadi Muhammad Shahbaz Female
50 MT14111 Amna Arshad Arshad Mehmood Female
51 MT14113 Mariam Azam Muhammad Azam Female
52 MT14114 Mudassar Muhammad Ramzan Female
53 MT14115 Ayesha Tariq Tariq Yaseen Female
54 MT14116 Ibrar Ahmad Irshad Ahmad Male
55 MT14117 Faiza Yousaf Muhammad Yousaf Female
56 MT14118 Mohsin Aslam Aslam Chohan Male
57 MT14120 Maryam Mazhar Dar Mazhar Dar Female
58 MT14122 Maryam Ijaz Ijaz Ahmad Female
59 MT14123 Hafiza Iqra Islam Sh. Muhammad Islam Female
60 MT14124 Adil Naseer M. Naseer Male
61 MT14125 Noreen Islam Din Islam Din Female
62 MT14126 Noreen Riaz Muhammad Riaz Female
63 MT14127 Yasir Latif Muhammad Latif Male
64 MT14130 Zeeshan Muhammad Azeem Male
65 MT14131 Saba Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf Female
66 MT14132 Muhammad Nasir Muhammad Ashraf Male
67 MT14133 Ali Raza Liaqat Ali Male
68 MT14134 Rabia Aziz Aziz Ahmad Female
69 MT14135 Tehseen Mustafa Ghulam Mustafa Khan Female
70 MT14139 Umair Ali Sh. Abdul Rasheed Male
71 MT14140 Sana Akram Muhammad Akram Female
72 MT14142 Iqra Shafeeq Muhammad Shafeeq Female
73 MT14144 Kashif Farooq Liaqat Ali Male
74 MT14145 Madeeha Zafar Zafar Iqbal Female
75 MT14146 Huma Meer Saeed Ahmad Female
76 MT14147 Madeeha Riaz Muhammad Riaz Female
77 MT14148 Nimra Ijaz Muhammad Ijaz Khan Female
78 MT14149 Nargas Touseef Ahmad Female
79 MT14151 Zaib un Nisa Bashir Ahmed Female
80 MT14152 Aqsa   Intizar Ali Ansari Female
81 MT14154 Basit Baber Baber Zaheer Butt Male
82 MT15002 Maryam Kanwal Muhammad Yaqoob Female
83 MT15003 Rubia Noor Kamran Nawaz Female
84 MT15004 Mehak Tanveer Tanveer Ahmad Mughal Female
85 MT15005 Kokab Afzal Muhammad Afzal Female
86 MT15006 Fatima Shahid Butt Shahid Rasheed Butt Female
87 MT15007 Rabeeya Shahid Shahid Waseem Female
88 MT15008 Hira Yasin Muhammad Yasin Female
89 MT15009 Hina Rashid Muhammad Rashid Female
90 MT15010 Beenish Anwar Muhammad Anwar Female
91 MT15011 Iqra Tanveer Tanveer Ahmad Female
92 MT15013 Laraib Aslam Haafza Muhammad Aslam Female
93 MT15014 Umme Habiba Tariq Muhammad Tariq Female
94 MT15015 Namra Zahid Sheikh Muhammad Zahid Female
95 MT15016 Sehrish Mansha Muhammad Mansha Female
96 MT15017 Khadija   Muhammad Bashir Female
97 MT15020 Syeda Tazeem Batool Muhammad Nawaz Female
98 MT15021 Anam Mehboob Mehboob Ahmed Female
99 MT15022 Mehreen Tariq Tariq Mehmood Female
100 MT15023 Yaqoot Asad Mehmood Female
101 MT15026 Kiran Shehzadi Muhammad Munsha  Female
102 MT15027 Muqadas Nayab Sarfraz Ahmed Female
103 MT15028 Hina Urooj Saifullah Female
104 MT15029 Fahad Mubeen M. Mubeen Male
105 MT15030 Afifa Abdul Rehman Abdul Rehman Female
106 MT15031 Aqsa Afzal Muhammad Afzal Female
107 MT15032 Asifa Noreen Muhammad Ashraf Female
108 MT15034 Muhammad Adeel Muhammad Munir Male
109 MT15036 Irum Arif Muhammad Arif Female
110 MT15037 Adeel Ahmad Raza Mubarik Ali Male
111 MT15038 Rabia Kausar Muhammad Iftikhar Female
112 MT15039 Mariyam Muhammad Naeem Female
113 MT15041 Maria Ashiq M. Ashiq Goryia Female
114 MT15042 Muhammad Shahroze Majeed Arfan Majeed Male
115 MT15043 Sadaf Rani Muhammad Saif Ullah Female
116 MT15046 Tahir Aslam Muhammad Aslam Male
117 MT15047 Asif Riaz Muhammad Riaz Male
118 MT15048 Muhammad Waqas Malik Muhammad Arshad Male
119 MT15049 Ayesha Sadiqqa Virk Muhammad Altaf Female
120 MT15050 Ammara Ghos Ghos Muhammad  Female
121 MT15051 Farwa Nazar Nazar Hussain Female
122 MT15052 Hafiza Irsa Zubair Zubair Nazir Butt Female
123 MT15053 Nagina Ilyas Muhammad Ilyas Female
124 MT15054 Ali Raza Sarfraz Ahmed Male
125 MT15201 Barira Kafait Ullah Female
126 MT15203 Khadija Munir Muhammad Munir Female
127 MT15205 Sana   Muhammad Ashraf Female
128 MT15207 Faizan Amin Muhammad Amin Butt Male
129 MT15209 Laila Abbas Abbas Ali Rana Female
130 MT15213 Mah Rakh Muhammad Yasin Female
131 MT15214 Zauraiz Javed Tahir Javed Male
132 MT15215 Saba Attiq u Rahman Attiq u Rahman Female
133 MT15217 Maria Rashid Abdul Rashid Abbasi Female
134 MT15219 Nida Saleem Tariq Saleem Female
135 MT15221 Awais Bilal Muhammad Sharif Male
136 MT15222 Sana Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf Female
137 MT15223 Iqra Arshad Muhammad Arshad Female
138 MT15227 Syeda Sarwat Akbar Shah Female
139 MT15228 Neelam Shahzadi Musharaf Ali Female
140 MT15229 Kashif Mushtaq Muhammad Mushtaq Male
141 MT15230 Zamen Attiq Attiq u Rahman Female
142 MT15231 Samra Amin Muhammad Amin Female
143 MT15232 Tayyiba Zaheer Baig Mirza Muhammad  Zaheer Baig Female
144 MT15233 Sumaira Parveen Ghulam Rasool Female
145 MT15234 Hafiza Mehwish Ismaeel Muhammad Ismaeel Female
146 MT15237 Anam Javaid Muhammad Javaid Qaiser Female
147 MT15238 Maria Zafar Zafar Abbas Female
148 MT15239 Ahmad Hanif Muhammad Hanif Male
149 MT15240 Momna Azmat Azmat Ullah Female
150 MT15241 Khansa Bano M. Younas Female
151 MT15242 Waqas Muhammad Farooq   Male
152 MT15243 Saeed Ahmad Muhammad Ayub Male
153 MT15244 Amina   Muhammad Ilyas Female
154 MT15245 Safeer Raza Muhammad Nazir Male
155 MT15247 Muqaddas Riasat Riasat Ali Female
156 MT15248 Khadija Kanwal Mohammad Afzal Female
157 MT15250 Zunaira Jabeen Pervaiz Iqbal Female
158 MT15252 Iza Arshad Muhammad Arshad Female