University of the Punjab
Gujranwala Campus
5th Convocation
M.Com (1.5 years) Session 2014-16 and 2015-17
Date & Time
Rehearsal: Tuesday, March 15th, 2022. Reporting Time 09:00 a.m.
Convocatoin: Wednesday, March 16th, 2022. Reporting Time 09:30 a.m. 
NOTE: The Following students have registered for the 5th Convocation and are eligible to attend the Convocation. Participation in rehearsal is mandatory to attend the Convocation. Pass to attend Convocation can be obtained on rehearsal day. The Robes, Caps, and Hoods can be obtained from Stall available at Gujranwala Campus.
Sr Roll No. Name Father Name Gender
1 MCH14004 Umar Abbas Ghulam Abbas Male
2 MCH14009 Iqra Tousif Tousif ul Rehman Female
3 MCH14010 Amna Shehzadi Muhammad Tufail Female
4 MCH14014 Hassan Zafar Muhammad Zafar Male
5 MCH14015 Jamshed Nazir Nazir Hussain Male
6 MCH14018 Iqra Zaheer Sabahat Zaheer Female
7 MCH14019 Anam Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal Female
8 MCH14025 Zubaria Shamus ul Haq Female
9 MCH14030 Ayesha Akhtar Muhammad Akhtar Bhatti Female
10 MCH14031 Muzammil Hussain Talib Hussain Male
11 MCH14033 Kiran Saadat Mirza Saadat Wakeel Female
12 MCH14038 Ammara Muhammad Saeed M. Saeed mughal Female
13 MCH15001 Anam Akbar Akbar Khan Female
14 MCH15002 Tayyaba Mahboob Mahboob Ahmed Female
15 MCH15003 Intizar Ahmed Iftikhar Ahmed Male
16 MCH15004 Zubair Khalid Muhammad Khalid Javed Male
17 MCH15005 Maria Rasool Ghulam Rasool Female
18 MCH15008 Aitizaz Hassan Khalid Mehmood Male
19 MCH15013 Arfan M. Afzal M. Afzal Male
20 MCH15014 Saba Abid Abid hussain Female
21 MCH15017 Sana Khalid Khalid Mahmood Female
22 MCH15018 Saba Yousaf Muhammad Yousaf Female
23 MCH15019 Khawaja Hasnat Haider Khawaja Liaqat Ali Male
24 MCH15022 Numan Aslam M. Aslam Male
25 MCH15024 Nimra Butt Shahid Qadeer Butt Female
26 MCH15027 Anam Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf Female
27 MCH15031 Sanam Shahid Shahid Riaz Khan Female
28 MCH15034 Usman Maqbool Ahmad Maqbool Ahmad Male
29 MCH15038 Usman Ali M. Zulfqar Male