University of the Punjab
Gujranwala Campus
5th Convocation
MBA (1.5) Session 2014-16 and 2015-17
Date & Time
Rehearsal: Tuesday, March 15th, 2022. Reporting Time 09:00 a.m.
Convocatoin: Wednesday, March 16th, 2022. Reporting Time 09:30 a.m. 
NOTE: The Following students have registered for the 5th Convocation and are eligible to attend the Convocation. Participation in rehearsal is mandatory to attend the Convocation. Pass to attend Convocation can be obtained on rehearsal day. The Robes, Caps, and Hoods can be obtained from Stall available at Gujranwala Campus.
Sr Roll No. Name Father Name Gender
1 MBH14001 Hatif Saeed Amjad Saeed Male
2 MBH14005 Abdul Rehman Khan Shahid Riaz Khan Male
3 MBH14006 Zakia Ghani Abdul Majeed Ghani Female
4 MBH14007 Abu Zar Dar Muhammad Tufail Dar Male
5 MBH14008 Noreena Razzaq Abdul Razzaq Female
6 MBH14009 Nosheen Zahra Syed Sajjad Hussain Female
7 MBH14010 Ahsan Javed Ahmed Din Male
8 MBH14013 Muhammad Asif Rafique Muhammad Rafique Male
9 MBH14015 Hira Mehmood Mehmood Hussain Female
10 MBH14016 Sana Liaqat Bajwa Liaqat Ali Bajwa Female
11 MBH14017 Sara Ikram Muhammad Ikram Female
12 MBH14018 Mudassar Waheed Khan Abdul Waheed Khan Male
13 MBH14019 Hider Ali Fiaz Fiaz Ahmad Male
14 MBH14020 Moazzam Iftikhar Iftikhar Ghani Male
15 MBH14022 Bakhtawar Aman Ullah Aman ullah Female
16 MBH14025 Neelam Mushtaq Mushtaq Ahmed Female
17 MBH14026 Iram Shahzadi M. Ameen Female
18 MBH14030 Rouha Javaid Javaid Akhtar Siddique Female
19 MBH14031 Ramaisa Aqdas Rana Tahir Saeed Female
20 MBH14033 Ayesha Siddiqa Abdul Rehman Female
21 MBH14036 Amna Ruzeen Arshad Arshad Mehmood Female
22 MBH14039 Umar Rasheed Rasheed Ahmad Male
23 MBH14043 Sharish Aslam Muhammad Aslam Female
24 MBH14046 Mehak Muzammil Anjum Sohail Female
25 MBH14047 Sabeen Mushtaq Mushtaq Shahzad Bhatti Female
26 MBH14050 Anam Marwa Muhammad Arashad Female
27 MBH14051 Madiha Taj Muhammad Taj Female
28 MBH14057 Aneeza Manzar Syed Manzar Ali  Female
29 MBH14060 Abubakar Ch. Sarfaraz Ahmed Male
30 MBH14063 Rao Tashfen Ahmed Rao Muhammad Sarwar Male
31 MBH15001 Sidra Dar Muhammad Ashraf Female
32 MBH15002 Rabbiya Zahid Zahid Mahmood Female
33 MBH15003 Madiha Javeed Javeed Iqbal Female
34 MBH15004 Afaira Khalid Khalid Mahmood  Female
35 MBH15005 Mehrish Abdul Qayum Female
36 MBH15006 Hafiza Shairtah Tanveer Tanveer Ahmad Butt Female
37 MBH15007 Aqsa Khurshid Khurshid Alam Female
38 MBH15008 Muhammad Arif Gulzar Ahmad Male
39 MBH15009 Maria Rashid Rashid Ahmad Female
40 MBH15010 Muhammad Ahsan Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal Male
41 MBH15011 Ansar Arshad Arshad Mehmood Male
42 MBH15012 Mariyam Majeed Abdul Majeed   Female
43 MBH15015 Mehak Rehman Imtiaz ur Rehman Butt Female
44 MBH15016 Habiba Safdar Muhammad Safdar Female
45 MBH15018 M. Usman Salim  M. Saleem Raza Male
46 MBH15024 Shumial Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal Female
47 MBH15027 Huma Butt Arshad Mehmood ul Basor  Female
48 MBH15030 Muhammad Hamid Bhatti Muhammad Khaliq Bhatti Male
49 MBH15031 Ameera Arif Arif Ali Dar Female
50 MBH15032 Nauman Manzoor Manzoor Ahmed Male
51 MBH15035 Ammara Mustafa Ghulam Mustafa Bhatti Female
52 MBH15036 Shazma Khizar Hayat Female
53 MBH15037 Fazeyha Zirwa Rana Rana Tahir Saeed Female
54 MBH15041 Zia Islam Talat Mehmood Male
55 MBH15043 Haroon Azam Muhammad Azam Male
56 MBH15045 H. Hamid Nasir Saif Ullah Male
57 MBH15048 Muhammad Afzaal Muhammad Nazim Habib Male