University of the Punjab
Gujranwala Campus
5th Convocation
BBA (Hons) Session 2012-16 and 2013-17
Date & Time
Rehearsal: Tuesday, March 15th, 2022. Reporting Time 09:00 a.m.
Convocatoin: Wednesday, March 16th, 2022. Reporting Time 09:30 a.m. 
NOTE: The Following students have registered for the 5th Convocation and are eligible to attend the Convocation. Participation in rehearsal is mandatory to attend the Convocation. Pass to attend Convocation can be obtained on rehearsal day. The Robes, Caps, and Hoods can be obtained from Stall available at Gujranwala Campus.
Sr Roll No. Name Father Name Gender
1 BB12001 Mariam Riaz Muhammad Riaz Butt Female
2 BB12003 Syed Shahbaz ul Hassan Syed Afzal ul Hassan Male
3 BB12004 Faiza Jamil Abdul Jamil Female
4 BB12008 Zain ul Abadeen Muhammad Amin Male
5 BB12009 Noor ul Ann Muhammad Inam Ullah Khan Female
6 BB12010 Muhammad Awais Faiz Ahmad Male
7 BB12011 Hafiza Naila Rafique Muhammad Rafique Female
8 BB12012 Anam Rafique Muhammad Rafique Female
9 BB12014 Farkh mehmood Mehmood Ahmad Male
10 BB12016 Hina Mazhar Mazhar ul Haq Female
11 BB12017 Fatima Jamal Jamal Alyas Female
12 BB12018 Afshan Abdul Salam Female
13 BB12020 Fazeela Mushtaq M. Mushtaq  Female
14 BB12022 Khawaja Khalid Waleed Khawaja Naveed Akhtar Male
15 BB12023 Faryal Naik Kh. Nasir Naik Female
16 BB12025 Sabeen Junaid Muhammad Junaid Female
17 BB12026 Ayesha Saba Asghar Ali Female
18 BB12027 Farwa Yousaf Muhammad Yousaf Female
19 BB12028 Farwa Akhtar Muhammad Akhtar Female
20 BB12029 Maryam Nosheen Zulfiqar Ali Female
21 BB12030 AurangZaib Abdul Rahman Male
22 BB12036 Zainab Arshad Arshad Warraich Female
23 BB12037 Ali Raza Tahir Abbas Male
24 BB12038 Shakeel ur Rehman Muhammad Shafique Male
25 BB12039 Misbah Abdul Rehman Abdul Rehman Female
26 BB12040 Jamshaid Irshad Muhammad Irshad Male
27 BB12043 Khuram Shehzad Muhammad Rafique Male
28 BB12045 Uzma Batool Muhammad Boota Female
29 BB12046 Mahnoor Sabir Muhammad Sabir Female
30 BB12047 Amna Arif Arif Imriaz Female
31 BB12053 Amer Hassan Sandhu Mushtaq Ahmed Sandhu Male
32 BB12054 Samavia Asif Asif Javed Female
33 BB12055 Maryam Naseem Naseem Ahmed Female
34 BB12057 Humaira Aslam M. Aslam Female
35 BB12058 Sobia  Muhammad Riaz Female
36 BB12060 Hafsa Maroof Butt Maroof Butt Female
37 BB12062 Ibrar Akhtar Muhammad Akhtar Male
38 BB12064 Azqa Noreen Muhammad younas Female
39 BB12065 Abdul Mannan Dar Zia ur Rehman Dar Male
40 BB12066 Iram Shahzadi Muhammad Aslam Female
41 BB12070 Mir ul Hassan Muhammad Ashraf Male
42 BB12103 M. Zain Idrees Sheikh Muhammad Idrees Male
43 BB12104 Hassaan Ahmad Muhammad Tayyab Male
44 BB12105 Sheeza Nisar Nisar Ahmad Female
45 BB12106 Mishal Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf Female
46 BB12107 Safina Mukhtar Ahmaed Female
47 BB12108 Saba Shahzadi Arshad Mehmood Female
48 BB12110 Izza Naeem Muhammad Naeem Female
49 BB12111 Amber Shahzadi Muhammad Saddique Female
50 BB12114 Myda Muhammad Jamil Female
51 BB12115 Arooj Fatima Shoukat Ali  Female
52 BB12120 Adil Mehmood Shoukat Mehmood Male
53 BB12121 Rahat Adeel Muhammad Arif Male
54 BB12122 Abu Bakar Siddique Malik Nawab Din Male
55 BB12123 Muhammad Attique Muhammad Shafique Male
56 BB12125 Saba Mehboob Mehboob Alam Female
57 BB12126 Nosheen Zulfiqar sulfiqar Ahmed Chattha Female
58 BB12127 Muhammad Umer Usman Muhammad Usman Male
59 BB12128 Ahmad Ali Amjad Farooq Male
60 BB12130 Zunaira Khalil Sardar Muhammad Khalil Female
61 BB12134 Sikandar Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal Male
62 BB12139 Rabiya Asif Amin Asif Amin Female
63 BB12140 Mian Waleed Ahmad Hafeez ur Rehaman Male
64 BB12141 Sikandar Ehsan Ehsan ullah Male
65 BB12142 Ali Asim Jamil Muhammad Amir Jamil Male
66 BB12143 Bushra Abdul Rasheed Female
67 BB12144 Shadab Anwar Muhammad Anwar Male
68 BB12145 Sumbal   Abid Hussain Female
69 BB12146 Saher Alvi Ghulam Hussain Female
70 BB12149 Khadeeja Asif Muhammad Asif Female
71 BB12154 Muhammad Sufayan Muhammad Yousaf Male
72 BB12156 Abdullah Khalid Shiekh Khalid Mehmood Male
73 BB12157 Shafera Shahid Shahid Shahzad Female
74 BB12160 Wajeeh Ullah Muhammad Shafi Male
75 BB13002 Mubeen Naveed Muhammad Naveed Female
76 BB13003 Samia Riaz Muhammad Riaz Female
77 BB13004 Maryam Sultan Sultan Mehmood Female
78 BB13005 Seemab Sajjad  Sajjad Nabi Cheema Female
79 BB13006 Durr e Nayab Muhammad Arshad Female
80 BB13008 Qandeel Zulfiqar Zulfiqar Masih Female
81 BB13011 Ayesha Farooq Umar Farooq Raza Female
82 BB13013 Haider Shahzad Shahzad Irfan Male
83 BB13016 Mahnoor Zahid Zahid Hussain Female
84 BB13017 Masooma Raza Abid Raza Female
85 BB13018 Marwa  Muhammad Safdar Female
86 BB13019 Hafiz Kamran Bashir Haji Bashir Ahmad Male
87 BB13020 Ali Raza Mansha M. Mansha Male
88 BB13022 Neelam Maqbool Maqbool Ahmad Female
89 BB13024 Yusra Naseer Ahmed Female
90 BB13025 Rabia Bashir Muhammad bashir Female
91 BB13026 Sadaf Murtaza Ghulam Murtaza Female
92 BB13027 Muhammad Waqas Abdul Majeed Male
93 BB13028 Aneeqa  H. Abdul Hamid Female
94 BB13029 Kaleem Ullah Saif ullah Male
95 BB13031 Waqar Abdul Sattar  Abdul Sattar Male
96 BB13032 Komal Ikram Yasir Ikram Female
97 BB13034 Sameen Faroze Feroze Butt Female
98 BB13035 Mariam Tariq Tariq Mrhmood Female
99 BB13036 Sheeza Tahir Tahir Mehmood Female
100 BB13038 Rabia   Naseeb ullah Female
101 BB13039 Takreem Manzoor Manzoor Hussain Butt Female
102 BB13042 Amna Younas M. Younas Female
103 BB13044 Hadia Ashraf Mian Muhammad Ashraf Female
104 BB13045 Jannat Zia Zia Ud Din Female
105 BB13046 M. Taliha Tahir Shiekh Tahir Majeed Male
106 BB13047 Saliha Javed Khalid Javed Female
107 BB13048 Shiza Zafar Iqbal Zafar Iqbal Female
108 BB13049 Faizan Sarfraz Sarfaz Ahmed Male
109 BB13050 Habiba Rani Allah Ditta Khan Female
110 BB13051 Iqra  Aftab Ahmed Female
111 BB13052 Maryam Shahid Muhammad Shahid Female
112 BB13053 Madina Allah Ditta Allah ditta Female
113 BB13055 Urva Zainab Muhammad Azam Female
114 BB13056 Zaneb Khalid Khalid Mahmood Female
115 BB13057 Mariya Azhar Azhar Baig Female
116 BB13058 Zainab Arif Arif hussain Female
117 BB13061 Saba Kahalid Khalid Mahmood Female
118 BB13062 Zohaib Shaid Shahid Nawaz Male
119 BB13063 Hina Naeem Muhammad Maeem Female
120 BB13064 Muhammad Waqar Muhammad Younas Male
121 BB13065 Maha Kaleem Zarar kaleem Female
122 BB13068 Sajawal Ali Khushi Muhammad Male
123 BB13069 Kaleem Khan Allah Ditta Khan Male
124 BB13070 Muhammad Gulzaib Sheikh Afzal Ahmed Male
125 BB13072 Anus Shahid Shahid Latif Male
126 BB13073 Marium Eugien Eugien John Female
127 BB13074 Maryam Arshad Muhammad Arshad Female
128 BB13076 Muhammad Talha Arshad Arshad Mehmood Male
129 BB13078 Hafsa Javed Muhammad Javed Akhtar Female
130 BB13079 Zaki Ahmed M. Abbas Butt Male
131 BB13083 Noman Jamil Jamil ur Rehman  Male
132 BB13102 Nabeel Mehmood Mehmood Alam Male
133 BB13103 Akasha Mahboob Mahbood Elahi Female
134 BB13104 M. Haris Butt M. Arif butt Male
135 BB13105 Hina Shabbir Shabbir Ahmad Female
136 BB13109 Anam Arshad  Muhammad Arshad Female
137 BB13110 Naeem Mehboob Muhammad Mehboob Male
138 BB13111 Hamna Saleem M. Saleem Akhtar Female
139 BB13112 Iqra Khalid Female
140 BB13113 Nida Hameed Abdul Hameed Female
141 BB13114 Hafiz Asim Rehman Abdul Rehman Male
142 BB13116 Iqra Akhtar Akhtar Hussain  Female
143 BB13117 M. Kashif Zafar Iqbal Male
144 BB13118 Razi Imtiaz Imtiaz Ahmad Male
145 BB13120 Muhammad danial Hassan Hassan Ali Naseem Male
146 BB13121 Maham Munawar Munawar Hussain Female
147 BB13126 Khadija Irfan Irfan Idrees Female
148 BB13128 Hifza Muhammad maqsood Female
149 BB13129 M. Faiq Qaisar Sheikh Qaisar Mehmood Male
150 BB13133 Fatima Safdar Safdar Jamil Female
151 BB13134 Faizan Ijaz Ijaz Ahmad Male
152 BB13136 Tanawish Khalid Khalid Mahmood Female
153 BB13138 Mehak Sajjad Muhammad Sajjad Female
154 BB13140 Wajeeha Muneer Muhammad Munir Shahid Female
155 BB13141 Mussadaq Naseem Muhammad Naseem Male
156 BB13143 Arooj Fatima Dost Muhammad Female
157 BB13144 Arslan Shahbaz Cheema Shahbaz Ahmed Cheema Male
158 BB13145 Mahnoor Muhammad Arif Female
159 BB13146 Anam Mustansar Mustansar Ali Female
160 BB13147 Hamza Ishfaq Ishfaq Ahmed Male
161 BB13150 Omm e Aiman Muneer Ihsan Female
162 BB13152 Naif Akram Javaid Akram Male
163 BB13153 Umair Abdul Shakoor Mian Abdul Shakoor Male
164 BB13154 Maham Munawar Muhammad Babar Female
165 BB13155 H. M. Usama Munawar Munawar Iqbal Male
166 BB13158 Muhammad Umair ul hasan Muhammad Ayub Male
167 BB13159 Saira Afzal Afzal Baig Female
168 BB13162 Taram Nayab M. Amin Female